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GPS Child Locator Devices

Posted by on Jul 21, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on GPS Child Locator Devices

GPS child locator devices are the latest tech for parents, keeping track of their kids as they venture out in to the world, exercising their independence. Whether it’s a second grader walking home from the neighborhood school or a teenager with a newly acquired license, parents should consider getting a child tracking device.

Why Do You Need a GPS Child Locator Device

Child abduction is a very real concern for all parents. One look at the nightly news broadcast and you’ll see children of all ages who are missing. A child locator device may help deter an abduction, but there are other applications to consider.

When a teen starts driving, parents discover a new reason to worry. They will always wonder if their son or daughter is really where they say they’ll be. The temptation for the child, with a new source of freedom, is too great. A GPS tracker will give Mom and Dad the peace of mind of knowing exactly where the kids are at all times.

Features to Consider

GPS child locator devices are available with a variety of different options, making it easy to choose the style that’s right for your family.

The KidGPS Tracker is a tracking device for kids that easily connects with your smartphone and uses a map display to show the child’s location. There is also an panic button, allowing them to notify you of an emergency and push notifications to keep you advised when your son or daughter wanders out of the preset boundaries. The KidGPS Tracker is around $100.

A less expensive product is the Tile (Gen 2) Phone Finder. Included in the $24.97 price is a Bluetooth enabled tile that can be attached to your child’s personal item. This may be inside a shoe, on a backpack or a keychain. It was developed to assist in finding missing objects, but if applied to an item worn by a teen, it can also be used to track their movements.

No one wants to think about a missing child, regardless of the reason. A GPS child locator device will allow you to track their movements and rest easy.

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Technology: Digital Cameras

Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Technology: Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are cameras that encode digital footage, whether images or videos and store them in the camera’s memory or external memory card. The digital cameras come with the option of recording image or video footage, with the latter recording even sound.

Most digital cameras display the images that they have captured on screen for a brief moment and offer the user the option of whether to delete the image, save it, or edit it.

Here is what you need to know when choosing a digital camera.

- information_technology Features Of A Good Digital Camera

Owing to the numerous camera manufacturers in the market and the pressure to meet ever-increasing industry demands, choosing the right camera can be very confusing. Here are a few features to look out for in case you want to buy a good any camera:

  • Face detection feature – The face detection feature automatically recognizes the faces in the frame you want to take and produces picture perfect portraits of the faces every time you focus on them.
  • Zooming capabilities – After taking a photo, the zoom function allows you to increase the size of the frame accordingly. Furthermore, a higher optical zoom value means that images taken by such a camera will become sharper compared to the ones with lower values. Go for values much higher than 5x.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – Digital cameras can now connect to the Internet, and this feature makes it possible to send images to another device. These cameras can make use of various applications to make this process easier.
  • Megapixels (Mp) – The higher the number of the megapixel, the better the quality of the photos a camera will take. Many low-end camera phones come with an 8-megapixel camera, and that camera can take relatively good photographs.
  • Image stabilization – Whenever an image or the camera moves while taking a photo, the image becomes blurry and unsightly. Image stabilization helps to reduce the blurriness and produce sharper images.

- thinkstockphotos-476085510-1-

Leading Digital Cameras In The Market

Canon: The larger percentage of professional photographers and dealers in cameras agree that Canon cameras are the best in the market. The reach, the picture quality, the simple interface, the imaging, and the technological superiority make this brand the best among all other brands in the market.

Nikon: The Nikon cameras are in a league of their own, thanks to the company’s wealth of experience in the manufacture of cameras and the quality images that result from any Nikon camera. The advanced features and amazing design of the Nikon camera are some of its strengths, making it a contender for the best camera brand in the world.

Panasonic: Panasonic is a brand that is well renowned for the production of some of the best electronics in the market, and their cameras also do not disappoint. The user friendliness of the Panasonic cameras makes them one of the industry’s favorite and its range of cameras is sufficient to meet any need.

Digital cameras have found their way to numerous modern devices, including phones, computers, and many other permanent and handheld devices. Therefore, most people use these cameras every day but hardly realize just how powerful these cameras are.
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Posted by on May 25, 2016 in Technology | Comments Off on Technology

From the automobile to the assembly line, modern technology has made people’s lives easier. Today, most people rely on technology to go about their daily lives. If you’re a parent, you’re probably always looking to make your life a little more streamlined. Technology can help families coordinate communication, schedule activities and simplify tasks.


How to Use Technology Constructively

Cell phones can be used to keep everyone in the family up to date on schedules and activities. You can quickly text a grocery list to your spouse. Your child can text you to ask if he or she can stay at a friend’s house. Texting also leaves a written trail of correspondence between family members.

Online calendars help you remember everything you have to do. Whenever anyone in the family has a task, project, assignment or appointment, he or she can add it to the calendar. Give everyone in the family access to the same calendar, and no one will have to ask for reminders about upcoming events. In addition, you can set your calendar to alert you when you have something coming up. This allows you to keep track of important dates without having to fill up your brain.

Teachers use websites and apps to correspond with parents. This allows them to communicate information like homework assignments and field trips without having to send home letters or notes. Some apps even let parents sign off on permission slips electronically.

The internet is a valuable resource for helping children with their homework. You can look up how to do that challenging math problem or search for information on any subject.

Instead of devoting a day to opening envelopes and sorting and paying bills, busy parents can access this information online. This is an easy way to keep up with household expenses. There are even apps that can help you set and maintain a budget and balance your bank account.

Parents can also monitor their children’s internet activity and whereabouts using apps. Technology in some cars allows parents to limit the speed at which their children can drive and track the car using GPS. Parents can also use apps to see what their children are viewing online.

When it comes to family entertainment, you no longer have to drive to the movie rental store to find something to watch. You can stream movies and television shows without leaving the comfort of your couch. This makes it easy to enjoy a family movie night. It also saves you time. Help the kids with their homework in the time that you would have otherwise spent driving to rent a DVD.

A Reliable Resource

Chances are you’re familiar with many types of technology that simplify your life. There’s a lot more that you can use, however. New apps and websites are launched every day. We’ll help you keep track of what’s useful and relevant to your lifestyle.

- social-media

You can take advantage of the latest technology to make life easier and more efficient for the whole family. We’ll show you how.

Not sure that you want to give your teen additional access to technology? We’ll address common challenges that come up with technology and the family. Are you a little behind the times when it comes to learning new things? We’ve got you covered. We’re a comprehensive resource that will help you get more familiar with technology that can help improve your life.

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